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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ya gotta connect.

It appears that some of my previous attempts to make a genuine personal connection with my nurse reviewer have been successful. During our previous exchanges I tried to understand the long application process by asking several questions in each exchange about her PC application process experiences and doing some reflective listening and adding follow-up exploratory questions. (I suppose a career of individual & family interviewing and organizational consultation experiences have enabled me to be a true listener).

I woke to an email message from my nurse reviewer sent at 7:48AM this morning (totally unsolicited) - - -

"I’m hearing you are up for next week review, don’t buy any green bananas."

It had the appearance of a "Pssst" and was a wonderful gift of inside information and the humor goes a long way toward balancing out all of that RAS. Well, the wait continues, but the IAA has now taken on a rising degree of positive excitement.

Timeline updated.


  1. that is awesome! laughter IS the best medicine.

  2. Joey - I gotta tell ya that I appreciate your perspective and I am certainly enjoying following your progress, too. Thanks for your comments.