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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Inch by inch

Just when the end of my RAS appeared to be within sight, Murphy elected to apply his law.
On the basis of my recent communication from PC I have been expecting to get called by a Placement Officer this week.
Insread, I received an email from a Placement and Assessment Assistant. She informed me that she was conducting a preliminary review of my file. She said that she had received three references and while two are determined to be "excellent," however, the one from my most recent employer was lacking some comments in the spaces provided.
Awkward - - - My most recent employer eliminated my position in a reorganization of the agency.
So, I decided to just grin and bear it. I sent an email to the CFO at the agency along with a copy of the message from the Placement and Assessment Specialist and asked for the favor of adding some comments to the reference.
I informed the P & A Specialist and she not only thanked me for doing so promptly, but she also volunteered that I am still being considered for my original nomination and there is still plenty of time available for me to get invited as planned. She also cautioned me to not get too excitied by information in PC Wiki. She said what most of us already know; that it is based on hear-say.
So, for now, it is back to the Wait and the RAS.
Lesson learned today? When completing any bureaucratic form, be certain to put something (anything) in every available space.


  1. definitely an awkward email. haha. BUT it sounds like things are steadily moving along for you! good news!

  2. hmmm... I wonder what she meant about PC wiki. Something new is brewing!