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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

RAS spiked, but is diminishing - - - - - IAA now rising

Well, was I ever wrong.
I thought that I had my RAS in check and was being positive and appropriately patient. However, I found myself beginning to 'over-think' the new development in my PC Toolkit (refer to previous blog).

The specific wording in my Toolkit began to play over and over in my mind and I found myself thinking, "They didn't say that I was medically cleared. They said 'A decision has been reached . . . Please look for a letter in the mail.' " The subtle difference became a big thing in my mind and it could only be explained by concluding that I was not cleared and the awful news was being mailed to me.

Before I would allow myself to despair, I emailed my nurse reviewer and asked some clarifying questions.

Lo, and behold! She responded within the hour. She clearly stated that I am medically cleared and she was pushing my questions/concerns on "to Placement."
This brings me to the point of explaining the title of this blog. My RAS spiked sharply due to my over-thinking incomplete information, but it was quickly soothed by the merciful nurse reviewer. She is a RPCV who, like me, entered PC after years in a career and perhaps she has a special reason for helping me.
Now, I am experiencing something new - - - IAA.
Just what the Peace Corps needs; another acronym (!).
I am calling this new emotional state 'Invitation Anticipation Anxiety."
Someday IAA will appear in the DSM along with, but distinctly different from RAS.

Lessons learned:
1) Do NOT over-think anything.
2) Do not be reluctant to reach out and ask PC to clarify things for you.
3) Maintain PMA and remain patient.


  1. This is a sure-fire sign that you have not read enough pc applicant blogs. Otherwise you would've known that the 'a decision has been reached' message was standard and to expect a clearance letter in the mail. However, I am happy that you received the answers you sought.


  2. oh boy, IAA. i am going to do my best to not over-think things. though difficult, it is definitely possible. haha, maybe in the future the DSM will also have an entire section just for PC related problems.