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Monday, May 23, 2011

What a place to celebrate the PC's 50th Anniversary!

Sunday May 22, 2011:

The National Constitution Center in Philadelphia:

The Philadelphia Peace Corps Association (PAPCA) held a public information display, informational panel presentations and meetings with recruiters

It was an inspirational setting, with many other historical things to see. such a a life-size display of the signing of the Declaration of Independence; we could actually walk among our activists of yore:

The Hall of Flags is certainly a great environment within which to hold this event:

The dispalys of the various countries was spread out adjoining to the Hall of Flags:

It was inspirational for all and especially nice for this Invitee to get to speak with RPCVs among the displays representing their service. Some of the RPCVs came quite a distance to participate. I had a lengthy conversation with one who traveled from Washington, DC to share his experiences in Zambia.

On the 4th of July, Philadelphia will hold a lot of celebrations including a "Welcome America" parade and the Peace Corps has been invited to participate. pass right in front of Independence Hall:

RPCVs and Invitees, displaying countries of PC service will march holding flags representing countries of service and it looks as though I will be the lucky bearer of the Macedonian flag.

Then, a few weeks later I will join the other Invitees going to Staging right near this historical site as we meet and greet each other and prepare for departure for our service in Macedonia. Oh, yeah!


  1. Lew! I fell out of touch with the other applicant updates a few months ago, and am SO glad to see that you are on your way to Macedonia! Congratulations and I hope the wait feels worth it now!

  2. Thanks Kim!

    Yes, the wait was worth it, as you well know from your own experience. I am feeling empathetic for the applicants this year who are receiving those 'there will be a delay' letters due to budget cuts (and the civil unrest in some countries as well as the huge increase in the number of volunteers and some other reasons).

    Best wishes to you in Staging and beyond in Peru!

  3. that looks like a wonderful trip! are you all ready for your departure? I've started to buy things for Honduras because I leave in about 70 days. So far I've just got a new laptop, a solar powered light and a deck of Spanish vocab cards. Yeah- I'm not exactly the most prepared yet.

    I don't know if you've heard on the PC blogosphere but the PC in Honduras has decided that Olancho is too dangerous and has relocated a bunch of volunteers but thankfully the ones in my city get to stay because its safe enough :)

  4. You have 70 days until departure and I have 105 days. I have been holding off until the last minute to purchase any technology, because I have read that some newer versions will be on the market in the next few months. I still need a laptop / netbook and a camera that is smaller and lighter than my Canon DSLR. Hiking boots, etc will all have to wait until I begin feeling strong enough time constraints so that I will not spend too much time comparison shopping.

    Glad to hear that your area is still considered safe enough. When you are hot and humid, take solace that you will not be cold and damp as I will likely be.

    Best wishes to you!

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