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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

e-mail alert - "Application Status Update"

The e-mail had been sent at 5AM alerting me that I needed to check my toolkit regarding an update to my application status. YIKES! The increasing frequency of blogs indicating problems occurring in the whole application / placement process has caused me to have thoughts I have needed to suppress. So, here it was, something is not going well in the Peace Corps placement process and it has grown to affect an Invitee awaiting Staging.

With considerable trepidation, I opened my PC Toolkit and found this:

But, how can that be? I received Dental Clearance last August! I have documentation from my Toolkit back in August, 2010:

Peace Corps has completed your dental review. There are no dental holds on your account at this time."

Nine months later I am having second screenings? I waited until 9AM and called the Dental Evaluations Assistant. No answer, so I left a message. Now, over 6 hours later and nearing the end of the PC Headquarters' workday, I have still not received a returned call. I tried another call, but again got no answer.

Just when I was getting really comfortable with my plans and was studying Macedonian history, creating a packing list and studying Macedonian language basics, I find myself back in PC-applicant mode; Anxiously waiting and trying to practice patience.

We must always maintain PMA!


  1. When did you get your dental exam done? They make you have a dental exam once a year so it's possible they just want you to get a check up and make sure everything is still fine.

  2. Well, Ashley, you just might have something there.
    I checked my copies of the material submitted with my OMS paperwork. There are three different dates on different pages, so I am not certain what PC is basing this on. The dates are in April, May and July. Any way that you look at it, all of those dates will be more than a year old before I get to Staging. No problem, however, since I just had another of my regular check-ups a few weeks ago and have another scheduled before Staging.

    So, I like your explanation and will run with that unless and until PC says otherwise.

    Best wishes to you in the next two weeks as you finalize your plans for Staging!

  3. It's probably that. If the exam itself was done over a year ago (regardless of any other paperwork), that's probably the issue.

  4. Oh, Ashley and Claire - - -
    - - - you are both so right!

    Today's USPS mail delivery contained a large manila envelope containing a complete set of dental clearance forms. A cover letter explained just what you had surmised. EVERYTHING, including 4 bite-wing x-rays must be redone. Thankfully, I do not have to get all of this scheduled and accomplished. I just had an annual re-evaluation (including a complete set of x-rays) two weeks ago. My dentist's office is closed on Fridays (tomorrow), so I will have to wait until Monday to ask them to complete all of the paperwork and print copies of the digital x-rays. They are a super nice group of professionals and I am confident everything will be done and I will be able to get it all off to PC next week. PC nicely enclosed a self-addressed & pre-paid UPS envelope and I will be able to track the package and be reassured that PC has received it.

    I hope that this will be all I have to be concerned about until August, when I should hear details about Staging. Until then, it's back to language, cultural and history studies.