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Friday, April 8, 2011

You are not done when you receive an invitation (!)

I reviewed, then re-read and finally truly studied all 20 pages of the VAD (Volunteer Assignment Description), all 104 pages of the Online Welcome Book and the 10 Core Expectations as directed to do so by one of the many instruction sheets that came in the BBP. I did so, because the instructions stated that I had to certify in writing that I had done that before I could formally accept my invitation.

Having done all of that, I wrote out the formal acceptance in an e-mail message and hit the 'SEND' button. Now, my CAS is well under control and I certainly feel better.

Then, I began to delve into other resources that just became available in my Toolkit for further information about the upcoming phases of training. Be forewarned, fellow applicants, there is a boatload of paperwork ahead after you get to this mile marker.

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