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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A new level of anxious anticipation

OKAY(!).I have heard from a Placement Specialist at long last.
The call from area code 202 came through yesterday morning. We spoke for a bit more than an hour during which I was asked to explore my motivations, and concerns. After speaking about several concerns, I felt I was being judged for having any concerns at all. However, we got past that discomfort (on my part) and I was asked to describe my hoped for assignmant. Again, after describing some of my hopes and wishes, I felt as though I shouldn't have mentioned any and should have merely stated that I am totally open to any program assignment anywhere in the world. After explaining my perspective that I could have preferences while still being willing to accept any invitation/assignment, we moved into the Placement Specialist giving me an explanation for what I felt had been a long wait to get to this point in the process. I was given a long explanation of the challenges that the PC is having for matching applicants with the requests from all of the countries and I was essentially led toward agreeing with the conclusion that the best assignment for me (in the judgement of the Placement Specialist) would be an assignment in which the varied skills I had acquired throughout my career would be best utilized working with several NGOs in a country in eastern Europe. The departure for that service will be in early September. Throughout the entire conversation, I made an extra effort to sound calm and comfortably in control of my emotions. Perhaps this led The Placement Specialist to think that I wasn't too enthused about what he was about to offer and he asked me several times if I would accept such an assignment. I assured him I was accepting the offer and asked some clarifying questions after which I was cautioned to not try to guess the specific country, but rather to wait for the written invitation and the specifics included with it.

The final outcome? I was informed that I was being qualified to receive an invitation and I could expect to receive the written invitation in the mail within the next 5 to 10 days. It will contain other specific information and directions for follow-up steps that I must take. I was advised that I can take up to, but no more than 10 days to contemplate the specific invitation and decide whether I will accept it. I was also clearly informed that if I decline the invitaton, I should not expect to receive any other invitation.

So, with lots to ponder in the next several days, and with little information on which to focus, I will now wait for the delivery of the BBP (Big Blue Packet) which all applicants are so eager to receive. I awoke this morning to find my PC Toolkit had been updated with this message:

Finally! Another hurdle overcome and a new level of anticipatory anxiety achieved. Nothing to do at the moment but to maintain PMA and patiently await that BBP.


  1. IT'S COMING! I am so happy for you! Wishing you all the best.


  2. Thanks!

    I had made several hints for Rwanda during my 'Final Interview' including the books I had read and what I had learned about the country from several other souces, but the Placement Specialist didn't pick up an any so I just rolled with the process.

    Best wishes to you, too!

  3. Finally! congrats, I look forward to hearing where you're invited :)

  4. WoooHOOOOO!!!! Congratulations! I am so excited to hear where you will be going. What a process for you, and now you are finally getting some info!

  5. aww Lew, you hinted at Rwanda, that makes me smile. Just the same I'm so happy that your packet is on its way! Big celebration when it arrives! :)

  6. late comment but I am very curious to know who your PO is/was. My PO made me feel the same way when discussing concerns and even used the phrase "suck it up" when I asked about the extended 2 year home stay in a certain country and how and why I was moved from Africa to Asia. I am a RPCV and that was definitely not the experience I had with my PO the last time I served. Anyway I have wanted to ask you for months now. I just want to know if we have the same PO lol curiosity killed the cat but what she found brought her back regina dot renee at gmail if you care to satisfy my curiosity. Thanks and good luck in Macedonia