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Friday, March 4, 2011

Well . . .

During the seemingly interminable wait since I applied (4/27/10), I have spent a lot of time getting all of my medical/dental/vision history, exams, lab work and paperwork completed. But that consumed only a fraction of the total time since last spring. I have arbitrarily divided a whole lot of the balance of my time among several PC-related activities. I have searched out and read a lot of material related to the PC (books, the PC archives, etc.), scoured the PCJs & PC Wiki and even occasionally been in contact with my medical review nurse and my recruiter (by email and even in person). Now that I have gone well past the Jan/Feb/Mar departure target period given to me last June when I received my nomination, I find myself re-reading a lot of the official material distributed by the PC. One of the PC publications is a catalog by the PC. In the 40 pages covering everything from the history of the PC, its mission, programs and benefits, there are two pages outlining the application process. I had read over this publication several times in the past and had not really given detailed attention to the outline of the process, except to skim over the headings and the beginning statement under each heading for affirmation as to where I was in the process. In the first week of last December I had been given medical clearance and told that my application was being passed along to a Placement Officer. At that time I was informed that I would hear from a Placement Officer "within several weeks, if not sooner". Shortly after that, I asked the Placement Assessment Assistant if I would likely make the targeted departure time frame. I was told to wait and that patience is something PC looks for in applicants. So, That is where I have been living for the past three months - - - waiting as the calender slides past the supposed departure time frame of Jan/Feb/Mar.
My aforementioned follow-up contacts with my nurse reviewer and my recruiter have resulted in me being reassured that my file is moving along predictably within the PC process. Each of those supportive PC staff even gave me some, albeit slight, encouragement to contact the PC Placement Office if I felt it necessary. I might have misinterpreted their comments, because I have been reluctant to do so, mostly because of how I had been previously admonished.
So, I have been following the PCJs and re-reading some PC material yet again and this time I have been reading with more focus. TODAY, I noticed on the last page of the PC catalog a significant sentence within the paragraph under the heading "Placement". It states,

"If you do not hear from your placement officer and your departure month is less than eight weeks away, contact your recruiter for your placement officer's phone number."

Well, since my recruiter had been so nice not only during my interview, but also in those subsequent meetings, I am working on the wording of an email to send reflecting on that statement in the catalog and asking if I should call my placement officer. If so, I will ask for the name and number and place that call. If not, well, the wait goes on.
I am wondering if anyone else has taken this route.

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