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Monday, March 7, 2011

At the suggestion of my recruiter - - -

On Friday (3/4/11) late in the afternoon - I decided to act on my recruiter's recommendation and I sent a brief and very carefully worded inquiry to the CYD Placement office at PC Headquarters in DC.
Immediately after sending that inquiry, I wrote a brief thank you message to my recruter.
On Monday morning (3/7/11) early in the morning - I received two emails, almost simultaneously.
The first email was from my recruiter with some further explanation for the delay in my consideration for an invitation and encouraged me to remain positive and, again requested me to stay in touch with any further concerns.
The second email was from a Placement and Assessment Assistant in the Office of Placement. This was a different assistant from the one who had been so curt with me last December. This assistant actually thanked me for my patience and assured me that they were "certainly doing our best to place you as soon as we can." Further, the assistant stated that a Placement Specialist should be in touch with me "within the next few weeks with more specific programmatic information to discuss with you." Not only was this a different assistant than previously, but this assistant referenced the Placement Officer as a male. I found this especially interesting because the previous assistant had used a female name when referencing a Placement Specialist who would be contacting me.
Overall, very interesting and positive.
Yes, the wait continues, but this time with a whole lot more basis for maintaining PMA while enduring RAS & IAA.


  1. Nice, Lew! I feel like this is real progress. When I got the 'within the next few weeks' phone call, I got a call within the week. I asked my placement specialist about it, and she said that they try to over estimate the time so that hopefull-invitees can be pleasantly surprised.

    I have so enjoyed following your progress, and your encouraging comments on the blogs of other applicants. That really helps the PMA.

    I cannot wait to hear what the PC might have in store for you!


  2. Thanks, Emma!
    The news of your experience is a real upper for someone such as me in this process.
    There are so many interesting applicants. I am finding myself wishing I could go through training and then work with so many of them, such as you.
    Best wishes in everything!

  3. Lew, I've been waiting to hear about your email! I'm glad you heard back so quickly and that they haven't forgotten about you! I only hope that I hear that an invitation is on its way to you before I depart for Botswana. I'm sure you're hoping the same thing!! Fingers crossed for you.

  4. Hi Tracy,
    So nice to hear from you! I have somehow lost track of your journal - - - I thought I had signed up as a follower and I have even tried to find your journal in PCJs, all to no avail. Will you send me your url?
    Thank you for your kind words and well wishes.
    If I am reading things correctly in the recent exchange of emails, it truly does appear that PC did not keep my file in active consideration last December for whatever reason, but that is now history and it appears that I am once again on track for an invitation. It's obviously too late now to cross paths with you in Botswana, but we have the Internet and the network among PCVs is wonderful(I am in awe of those early volunteers with only snail mail for all communication). I would like to connect with other SWOS PCVs.
    Best wishes to you as you embark on your odyssey and service. I know that you will have an amazing impact upon your new community of service.
    (Are you really leaving on April Fools Day?)