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Friday, August 26, 2011

Last post here - time to move on . . .

As mentioned previously, this blog had originally been created to chronicle my Peace Corps application process. Well. it is now 16 months since I submitted my application and I am two weeks from going to Staging in preparation for departure to Macedonia.

I have been on a several week-long farewell tour traveling around saying my good-byes to family and friends; some day-long emotional experiences and some rather brief, but poignant. Some one-on-one and some with groups small and large.

Last weekend Mary, my amazing wife, carried off a wonderful picnic:

Brother-in-law Dan brought two kayaks for everyone to take turns enjoying:

Mary and I had American and Macedonian flags to set the theme:

Mary had a terrific and huge chocolate chip cookie to cap off the festivities. I shared copies of the "Pauza" magazine (Written by Peace Corps Volunteers presently serving in Macedonia).

All in all a wonderful time.

Now, it is only two weeks until Staging. Therefore, I am going to discontinue posting on this Blog and will maintain documentation of my experiences from this point forward in a new Blog:

So, please try to find that new site and if you cannot and want to, feel free to send me an email at:

lew DOT hemmer AT gmail DOT com


  1. awesome, it's nice to see pauza printed out like that. enjoy your last couple weeks in the states!

  2. Thanks for your comment and good wishes Thanks especially to all PCVs in Macedonia who worked on and contributed to creating the Pauza magazines. They are wonderful. They helped immensely in my efforts to explain Macedonia as a country and the PC work in that country.
    I hope to get to meet you in person this fall in Macedonia.

  3. Good luck! If you need contacts in Korce when you visit Albania let me know.

  4. Thanks for the kind wishes. I really appreciated your July 3rd post in your blog.