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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy World Population Day!

July 11th, 2011, is World Population Day. This is a day for us to look at the world we live in, realize we're about to hit the 7 billion people mark, and take steps to care more tenderly for this Earth we all share. (Maybe it means we need more wineries!)


  1. Hey Lew, Do you have a copy of the dental clearance renewal form that the PC made you submit after your dental clearance expired?

  2. I am assuming that you want a blank copy, which I do not have as a hard copy BUT I do have a copy in my computer files for all things related to the Peace Corps.
    If you want me to send the file with the dental clearance forms, send me your e-mail address (send it to: lew.hemmerATgmailDOTcom - someone advised me to use that format when who knows who might be “auto- scouring” the web for anything that resembles an e-mail address so they can start spamming the addresses they find)