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Friday, February 11, 2011

Good fortune

So, as I scanned the official PC web site a few weeks ago to see what 'events' might be available on-line, I happened to notice that the PC was going to have a presence at a career fair at Villanova University and follow-up with an information session the next day at the same place. In addition, the PC would be represented by the same recruiter who had interviewed and nominated me way back in June, 2010. What luck! I happpen to live about 20 miles from Villanova and my sister-in-law is the Assistant Director for Systems and Marketing in the Career Center at Villanova. I immediately asked my sister-in-law if she would be there those days and, if so, would she help me with parking on campus and entry into the event. I also wrote to my PC Recruiter and asked if I could have some one-on-one time during those events.
What a great time I had this past Tuesday and Wednesday. The recruiter gave me extra time beyond the formal sessions to discuss lots of things that had crept into my mind during the past nine months since receiving my nomination. Thngs such as the impact upon the Placement Office of the relocation of PCVs from countries experiencing political turmoil (e.g. Niger) and the huge increase in the number of applicants at a time of reduced budgets from Congress. Additionallly, listening first-hand to the discussions with others interested in applying to the PC added to my understanding to the timing of the PC application, screening and invitation process. Especially the behind the scenes activities in the invitation process.
All in all, two days comprising several infornmative hours. An enlighteneing insight was obtained when the recruiter shared with me that the PC begins to assess the depth of an applicant's interest / passion according to the promptness with which the paperwork is submitted and also the nature and quality of the communications initiated by the applicant. I was informed that I had been pegged from the beginning as being sincerely and highly motivated to serve in the PC (!). What could have been better?
Well, I soon found out when I returned home after the second day of meeting with that recruiter to find an email from the review nurse who had been so helpful a few months ago with my medical clearance. The email was to ask me if I needed any further help. That was the strawberry on top of the whipped cream on the treat that I was still savoring.
RAS? Only a little right now.
I continue to wait, but with a whole lot less anxiety.


  1. Keep hanging in there, Lew. As you know from my blog, the waiting doesn't end once you're invited. Can't wait to hear where you're going. Who knows, if the wait continues, you could end up in Samoa in October! I may have a place to live by then. LOL. Please let me know as soon as you hear!

  2. Hi Nancy!
    Thanks for the supportive comments.
    Your mention about Samoa in October revived a wishful thought I have been suppressing ever since I began reading your postings. In the meantime, and based upon some of the comments made to me during recent meetings with my recruiter and the message I received from the nurse in OMS, I am wonering if I might be headed toward 1)- Jamaica in June, or 2)- Fiji in May. Beyond those possibilities, I would welcome Samoa in October but that is quite a wait. There are other attractive opportunities between now and October. I am not building any antcipation dreams. I am just waiting. Something that has puzzled me is that I have advanced degrees and a career of experiences in all phases of working with children, their families, schools and NGOs regarding chilhood developmental delays and behavioral challenges, yet I read of people recently out of undergrad with no degree or experience in this area receiving invitations to serve in Youth Development Sectors in the countries to which I have been nominated. Frustration? Yep.
    While waiting, I have passed up several opportunities to take courses at our local community college and adult evening classes at our local high school. This is an unfortunate part of the PC's lack of consideration for all applicants and somehting that I think might be affecting the PC's drop-out rate as well as the calliber of many of their their volunteers.
    I'll post any progress/news when I know it, unless you want an email from me first (if so, send an email address. Mine is if you would rather use that).
    Any news RE: your housing situation?
    Continued best wishes to you!